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farm ranch equipment,hot dipped galvanized products,cattle equipment,hog sheep pens,horse equipment,livestock equipment,rodeo equipment,squeeze chute,watering fountains,expo facilitiesLone Star Livestock Equipment Co. produces a product unlike any other livestock equipment manufacturer in the nation. Manufacture & install Hot Dipped Galvanized Products to protect material from rust. Horse Stalls, Squeeze Chutes, Expo Facilities
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Medium Duty Squeeze Chute
The Medium Duty Squeeze Chute can be Hot Dipped Galvanized or painted. Constructed out of 2” sch. 40 pipe it has (6) drop doors with a lift gate in the rear. The chute has a manuel headgate that can swing open as well as a side release gate. The chute can have either wood or 14 gauge sheetmetal drop sides and flooring can be 2” x 12” Lumber or 3/8” Metal Flooring
Our Galvanized Squeeze Chute is one of the heaviest and strongest built chutes on the market. Constructed out of 2” sch. 40 pipe and 14 gauge sheeting for the side drop doors. 3/8” steel plate is used for the flooring. The chute comes equipped with dual injection doors, 8 drop down doors for easy access to the animal, as well as 3 removable belly plates. This chute can be equipped with a Manuel or automatic headgate. Both sides squeeze the animal as well as both sides is adjustable to work calves as well as large Bulls.
Galvanized Squeeze Chute
The main frame of our Portable Horse Stall is constructed of 14-gauge black round steel tubing. The horizontal filler bars are made of 1.3 round tubing. All metal components are Hot Dipped Galvanized inside and out to deter rust and ensure low maintenance. The bottom portion of the stall is sheeted with ¼” high tensile poly. This stall is designed for long life and simple setup and tear down.
Portable Horse Stall
Company Products and Services

Lone Star Livestock Equipment Inc. produces a product unlike any other livestock equipment company in the nation. We manufacturer and install Hot-Dip Galvanized Products. Galvanizing material by hot dipping protects the material from rust both inside and out which makes it the perfect process for producing livestock equipment. 

We specialize in customizing livestock facilities to meet each customers specific wants and needs. The owners and operators of our company have more than 75 years combined experience in the designing, manufacturing, and installation of livestock equipment and handling systems. The company has completed numerous facilities for schools, universities, major livestock show organizations, and individuals. We have many references available and are happy to provide them upon request.

In addition to livestock equipment consulting, manufacturing and installation, Lone Star Livestock Equipment Company Inc. is an authorized distributor of livestock waterers, feeders, electrical power fence equipment, and security systems. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers. We will continue to expand our product line as necessary to adapt to industry changes and to the requirements of our customers. 
Expo Facilities
Livestock Exposition and School Agricultural Facilities are designed and built from the ground up on a turn key basis working together with our general contractors. We can help with the planning and design of your customized working facilities while ensuring competitive pricing and easy functionality.
Lone Star Livestock Equipment Company Inc.
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Aluminum Platform Scale: Constructed from high tensile Aluminum this platform comes equipped with a Digital Indicator and Loadbars mounted under platform. This unit is perfect for taking to your Stock shows or setting up in your barn. Can be custom made to any dimension.
Calf Table: Our Calf Table is the strongest and heaviest built Table on the Market today! Calf table's can be customized with different attachments for left or right handed to fit your exact needs. Table is Hot-Dipped Galvanized after Fabrication.
Herd Scale: Our Herd Scales can be Certified "Legal for Trade" and come with a Digital Indicator these units are typically 8' x 12' but can be customized to any dimension you need! Units are Hot-Dipped Galvanized after fabrication to ensure that this will be the Last Scale you will ever purchase!
Bucking Chute: Our Bucking Chutes frame and Contestant stand is constructed out of 2 3/8” sch. 40 pipe with the interior horizontal rails on the swing Gate and back Panel being 2” 11 gauge pipe. Can Purchase a single unit or add on as many as you need, Chutes are permanently mounted on a skid and come equipped with Rolling Block Doors that have Self Cleaning Cannonball track systems. Contestant Platform comes with Treated ¾” plywood inserted or Expanded Metal. Block Doors in the Bucking chute has 14 gauge sheet metal on doors instead of wood ensuring long life and Stability. Swing Doors on Bucking Chutes have heavy duty pipe collar hinges as well as spring loaded plunger latches as well as a quick release handle. All Bucking Chutes are Hot-Dipped Galvanized inside and out after all manufacturing is complete to deter rust and ensure low maintenance. Also can be Powder Coated.
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